Rinse hair with… mineral water? Is it working?

Why rinse freshly rinsed hair in water … Water? At first I thought it was about providing minerals with hair, which may be valuable on the one hand – it is known that our ordinary tap water bath is not always the best for hair or body care. On the other hand, those who dye […]

Mask for dried hands with … hair conditioner? How it’s working

I would like to tell you today about the method that I have been successfully applying in the care of my hands for years. Yes, it’s about smearing them with a hair conditioner like we do with a cream. Every product should be used for this, but it is best to use thick and thick, […]

Diy peeling + soothing face mask with honey

The idea for a mask came to me by accident, while washing my hair. I had to take a new portion of Fenugreek for the night, because the previous one had been in the fridge too long. I’m trying to also use leftover soybean meal, which is a mixture of badly washed my hair. From […]

Vegan dish from IKEA – an idea for cheap, delicious and quick dinner

GRĂ–NSAKSBULLAR, or vegetable balls from IKEA is a real hit. You can of course buy them in a restaurant in a typical dinner set or in a smaller set for children It is great that there is an option to eat a normal vegan lunch while shopping, not just potatoes with a salad 🙂 Once […]


My name is Asia and im from Poland. For many years I am a vegetarian, curly hair lover and a fan of natural cosmetics. Two years ago I also switched to organic makeup. I cleaned my toilet bag from all harmful toxins, and the house from excess unnecessary items. I love bristling, home spa, making […]

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